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History Of The Brigade
Ararat Fire Brigade is a fully volunteer brigade and has been since October 1859, so our brigade has a long history of

protecting and supporting the Ararat community by their service. The brigade also serves the broader Victorian community, and occasionally interstate when required.

About The Brigade

The brigade responds to approximately 200 incidents per year and also has an active involvement with delivery of CFA

community safety programs such as Brigades in Schools, Home Fire Safety Workshops, Industrial Fire Safety training,

fire extinguisher servicing and is regularly involved in general community events.

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Volunteering With CFA
Volunteering with a CFA brigade opens up a world of opportunity for members as a vital means of community service. Membership is also a pathway to personal development, and leads to a

greater understanding of what is required to respond effectively to all sorts of emergencies.
You can become a CFA member on your 16th birthday, but if you are one month or twenty years older than that, it is never too late to add your contribution to the CFA mix.

Brigade Roles

CFA offers volunteers a number of opportunities to support their community in ways other than donning the yellows and getting on the back of a truck. All brigades have administrative type roles that need filling such as Secretary and Treasurer, as well as roles in Community Safety, Health and Safety, Community Education, Training, Junior Brigades, Fundraising etc. Further to those roles are numerous opportunities for non- operational support that may be needed for short durations throughout a fire or incident, such as transport, deliveries, purchasing,

record keeping, radio operators and the list goes on.




Our Brigade Values
In 2014 Ararat Fire Brigade reviewed its way of doing business and has adopted the following values:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the brigade, please complete the Potential Volunteer Application Form by clicking the 'Join Up Now' button below.
All adult members are required to complete a National Police Check (NPC) form and provide 100 points of identification. A Medical Referral Form may also be required if a medical

condition is identified. As part of the recruitment process you will be required to attend four brigade training sessions;

we recommend that this is completed within three months. The brigade trains every

Thursday night except for the second Thursday of each month, as it is a brigade meeting night (note that training is not always undertaken at the Fire Station).

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